Dungeons and Dragons Online reveals Underdark expansion

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If you are a Dungeons and Dragons Online player and you’ve been waiting for signs of an expansion, your time is now.  Turbine has announced their first-ever expansion for DDO.  The title of this add-on is Menace of the Underdark; the release date is June 25th.  

Why does it always have to be the Underdark?  While it’s a pretty awesome setting, I can’t handle anymore Drow.  Driders, Illithids, and Lolth oh my!  Well hopefully DDO will do it right.  I have faith.  None of those things I’ve mentioned have been confirmed but they are what I think of when I think ‘Underdark.’

What has been mentioned is the new Druid class to the game.  I certainly don’t think of Druids when I think of the Underdark but I suppose it’s time for that to change.  Included below is a screen shot of the Druid transforming into a wolf.  Here is something to look forward too.  I'm sure more information will be released soonish.         


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