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Dungeons and Dragons: A Documentary starts a Kickstarter


With 2014 just around the corner, the 40th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons is nearly upon us.  That’s forty years since the invention of the RPG.  Even if you don’t like D&D or have never played it before; role playing games have had a huge effect on gaming society and even our culture.

The tale of Dungeons and Dragons is both glorious and tragic; ranging from very enthusiastic gamers to religious haters.  There is betrayal, heartache, litigation, and all sorts of other negative terms.  “Imagine ‘The Social Network,’ the creation of Facebook, but no one ends up rich” says the people at Iconoscope Films / Westpaw Films.  Who are these people, the people who are making a documentary about the rise and history of D&D, that’s who.

This compelling story lead these teams into making “Dungeons and Dragons: A Documentary.”  As D&D fans, gamers, role players, or ever as people who love the gaming community, this documentary will be very eye opening and fascinating to learn the story that forever changed gaming culture. 

As a historian, gamer, and D&D player… you better believe I’m backing this project.  It is a Kickstarter project so check out their rewards and see how you want to support this project.  They still got 26 days left and a ways to go – spread it!




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