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Dungeon Fighter Online Moves on to Act VI: Kiss of the Gun


Dungeon Fighter Online would be my favorite game ever, if only it didn't look like it was birthed by the Sega Genesis. Still, it's an awesomely unique MMO and best of all, it's free. Nexon American has announced today that Act VI: Kiss of the Gun, has been released.

As if the female gunner awakening wasn't enough, a slew of additional content is also included, all of which I have copied and pasted here since I have no idea what the hell any of it means:

The female gunner is revered for her speed and unerring discipline while wielding deadly firearms, and now players can explore special new awakening skills and attacks for the each of her advanced classes. The Ranger awakening to Corsair includes a blade-equipped revolver; the Launcher subclass awakens to Demolitionist with devastating cannon fire; the Spitfire awakening to Valkyrie launches a pulsing electromagnetic field, frying nearby enemies; and the Mechanic awakens to Metalheart by unleashing an ultimate G-series mech warrior wielding a Gatling gun, missile attack, and laser attack.

Additionally, players are now able to explore the brand new area to the DFO universe known as Empyrean, a region long besieged by relentless dictators. After an extended period of tyranny, Empyrean's capital city of Ghent established a bustling culture symbolizing the region's freedom. Unfortunately this cultural revolution attracted a new faction of vagrants known as the Kartel, whose soldiers have kidnapped Ghent's Princess Erje and unleashed persistent attacks upon the city. The citizenry of Ghent call upon Dungeon Fighters to explore East Ghent Gate, South Ghent Gate, and Ghent Outskirts and pursue the evil Kartel to find the city's beloved princess.

In celebration of the holidays, Dungeon Fighter Online is giving away items for free every day during the 'Tis the Season for Giving event just for logging in. Players can expect to find gifts such as 2x EXP potion, skill reset items, DFO figurines and NX (in-game currency). The 'Tis the Season for Giving event is just one of many events coming to Dungeon Fighter Online this holiday season.

2x EXP potions? I may have dust off my old account.

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