Dungeon Defenders is Now Only $3.75 on Steam

Dungeon Defenders  - 874019

Dungeon Defenders is an addicting and ridiculously fun game. Combining the elements of tower defense and an action RPG with tons of loot to collect, this is one game that I still play constantly today.

What better time to pick it up than today on Steam. It is currently 75% off, meaning it only goes for a mere $3.75, as well as the DLC being discounted.

The new DLC that extends the game past the castle, and lets the adventurers venture forth is still $3.99, which means it didn't receive this discount, but you'll have so much to do with the game itself, not to mention the other discounted DLC such as New Heroes DLC for $1.25, Halloween Mission pack for $.49 and The Great Turkey Hunt for $.49.

Steam is still offering discounts on other great games, but you'd be making a big mistake missing out on such an addictive title.

[Get the game here]

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