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Dungelot 2 announced weeks after the first game's release

Dungelot 2

Red Winter Software has shared the first image from Dungelot 2, the sequel to a tile-flipping roguelike that came out earlier this year — mere weeks ago — for iOS and Android.

The first Dungelot has you exploring a dungeon floor by floor, pressing tiles to flip them over and see what lies underneath. You can choose to battle enemies or avoid them, but if you leave them standing, they'll block adjacent tiles, which may keep you from locating the stairs down to the next floor. Players can also trigger traps under tiles or find helpful goodies. It's a fun take on the roguelike genre.

Dungelot 2 looks a little less cartoony than its predecessor, but it's overall very similar — at least on the surface. The teaser image is all that the developer has revealed so far.

The first Dungelot is also available for free on PC and Mac.

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