Duke Nukem Forever Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

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After the announcement of the Balls of Steel Edition of Duke Nukem Forever, it seemed like the upcoming game couldn't get any bigger, but those who pre-order at participating retailers will get even more extras.

So far the two big names offering Duke Nukem bonuses are Gamestop and Wal-mart. Pre-order at Gamestop and you'll get “Duke's Big Package”, which isn't nearly as dirty as it sounds. The “package” is actually a trio of downloadable content items for the game. Included are an in-game EGO boost, Big Head Mode, and T-Shirt pack.

Pre-order at Wal-mart and you'll receive the kind of item you'd only find at such a classy establishment. A Duke Nukem Forever trucker cap will be included with the game – don this bit of stylish attire and you'll not only be ready for the sleaziest action the game has to offer, but you'll also fit in at Wal-mart establishments across the country!

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