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Duke Nukem Forever Demo Available June 3


There's something ballsy about releasing a demo for Duke Nukem Forever before it comes out. Perhaps that's just how Duke rolls, or maybe it's Gearbox showing some confidence in their game. Either way, if you have a First Access Club code from the Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition or if you pre-order Duke Nukem Forever, you can download the demo on Xbox 360, PS3, or PC on June 3.

The reason the demo seems like a gamble is because half (or most) of the excitement for the game stems from all the delays. The excitement might fade once players have had a chance to fiddle around. That is, unless it's a damn good demo.

Then again, the demo is coming to people who already have interest in the game. It's also debuting only a week before release. The logic behind its arrival probably won't be clear until we get our hands on it.

The concern, at least for the sake of Gearbox and the Duke franchise, is that the game hasn't previewed that well so far. If a demo comes out and sours the anticipation, Duke Nukem Forever could be a failure before it even hits shelves. If it's good, it could be an example of the demo selling the game--something publisher 2K's previous game Bioshock made a case for.

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