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Duke Nukem Forever $10 from GameStop Impulse


If you're like me, you decided to steer well clear of Duke Nukem Forever after seeing some of the less than stellar review scores (even our own Matt Liebl gave the game a 4.5, and as far as I know he likes guns and titties). But even despite knowing its a bad game, haven't you felt a sort of nagging curiosity to play it? To see what those crazy developers spent twelve years of their lives working on? To finally experience the game that was never meant to be finished?

The point is, GameStop's digital download service Impulse, is currently offering DNF for just $10, finally giving us cheap gamers a chance to live out our alien-killing women-wooing fantasies. This is a rather steep discount given the game released just three months ago, so if you've been interested in getting your Duke on, now may be the time. Or you could continue waiting for the inevitable drop to five bucks, hmm...

Duke Nukem Forever on Impulse

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