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Duke Nukem Being Rebooted?


Hey, remember Duke Nukem Forever? Yeah, that game pissed a lot of people off. Oh, and remember my list of the top 10 games that needed a reboot? That angered a few folks, too, but nowhere near as many as Duke Nukem Forever.

I bring up that top 10 list because, in hindsight, the Duke Nukem series would have been a great candidate. That said, given Duke Nukem Forever's laughable results upon launch, I had completely forgotten about the series. It was off my radar entirely.

It's not off Gearbox Software's radar, though. According to OXM, the developer is looking to reboot the FPS franchise, reports CVG. The reboot in question will most likely be Duke Begins, which had been talked about by Gearbox prior to the developer working on Duke Nukem Forever.

According to the reports, the series won't be rebooted until Gearbox finishes work on Aliens: Colonial Marines. It should be pretty interesting seeing what the company does with the Duke Nukem series moving forward. Let's hope it's a lot better than the last game, though.

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