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Duke Nukem Forever On Sale for $10 on Steam


How low does Duke Nukem Forever have to drop before you are tempted to buy it?  In an attempt to persuade gamers to purchase the heavily criticized and largely rejected sequel to Duke Nukem, 2K Games dropped the standard price to $20 on PC in September.  Today, it's only $10 in a Steam mid-week sale.  If $10 isn't low enough to get gamers, other than  fanboys, to purchase your game then you might just want to call it day. 

Steam's sale coincides with the release of Duke Nukem Forever's first DLC, "Hail to the Icons Parody Pack", which adds new multiplayer maps and modes for $10.  Duke's First Access Club members get the Hail to the Icons Parody Pack for free.  Odds are, if you're a member of that lonely club, then you don't need this sale to be convinced to purchase Duke Nukem Forever.

The Duke Nukem Forever deal on Steam only runs until 6 PM Pacific Time on Thursday.

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