Driver: San Francisco Inspires Yelawolf's "No Hands" Music Video

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Recording artist Yelawolf's music video for his new song , "No Hands", was apparently inspired by Ubisoft's upcoming driving game, Driver: San Francisco. Today, Ubisoft announced a collaboration with Complex Media and Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment / Shady Records / DGC / Interscope Records recording artist. The music video was shot at several of San Francisco's landmark locations and features Yelawolf driving the real-life Driver car throughout the city. In the “No Hands” music video, produced by Complex Media and directed by Erick Peyton, the "Shift" feature is showcased to seamlessly blend together the real and in-game worlds in a unique way.

“My aggression on the record matches perfectly with the attitude of the game’s main character, Tanner,” said Yelawolf. “So when Ubisoft approached me with the opportunity to work together on the video, it made all the sense in the world to find a creative way to pair the song and game together.”

Yelawolf continued, “I’m also a big admirer of old-school muscle cars and Driver San Francisco is loaded with them! It was dope to get behind the wheel of the real-life version of the car that’s in the video game.”

You can watch behind-the-scenes teaser video below.

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