Driveclub videos show off dynamic lighting and PS4 Share functionality

Driveclub Screenshot - 1156379

Developer Evolution has uploaded new video clips to its Facebook page, showing off dynamic lighting in Driveclub, the studio's upcoming racing title. And in doing so, the developer also highlighted the PlayStation 4's Share functionality.

"Because the skies are organic and dynamic in #DRIVECLUB, none of our lighting is baked or painted on, so this exact moment is a once in a lifetime event!" Evolution explained in the post.

"Thanks to #PS4SHARE no one has to miss it!" they added, demonstrating the PS4's ability to upload video clips to Facebook. You can see Driveclub's dynamic lighting in action below.

Driveclub was originally slated as a PlayStation 4 launch title, with a free version planned for PS Plus members. However, shortly before the PS4's launch it was delayed until 2014. Compulsion Games' puzzle platformer Contrast took its place as one of the free PS4 games. A free version of Driveclub will still be offered to PS Plus members, though some assets -- like cars or tracks -- will only be available in the paid version.

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