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Driveclub: PS Plus Edition won't be your only free PS4 game in October


With Driveclub launching in October, and a free PlayStation Plus Edition included, it's clear that this will be the free PlayStation 4 game for PS Plus members. However, this won't be the only free PS4 game offered, according to European PlayStation Blog community manager Chris Brown.

"What you’ll get as part of the Instant Game Collection in October is still being decided. But DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition wont be alone," Brown clarified.

Earlier today, Evolution Studios fully detailed what's included in Driveclub: PS Plus Edition, revealing that upgrading to the full game will cost $49.99. The catch, however, is that you must maintain your PS Plus membership to access the game. If you lose your membership, you lose access to the game. What I'm confused about is whether or not you'll be given the option to pay the extra $10 to just unlock the full game since it'd be the difference of what buying the full game would've been anyway.

Sony's wording on the whole issue has been confusing to say the least, so hopefully we get some clearer messaging soon.

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