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Driveclub 'better' when played online, but offline play still offered

Evolution Studios won't force you to connect your PS4 to the internet to play Driveclub, but game director Paul Rustchynsky believes it's a more enjoyable experience when played online.

"Driveclub is at its best when you're connected," he said, "as you'll always have fresh and exciting new challenges around the corner."

"It's up to you how you play, when you play and who you play with," he continued. "You can play solo if you want: online or offline."

"There's a fulls ingle-player campaign for you along with the ability to set up your own events, which will all help you earn access to new cars and rewards," Rustchynsky explained. "Everything is better when your online though, connected to friends and playing in a club, sharing every moment and competing in engaging challenges."

Elsewhere in the comments of the post designed to update players on the status of Driveclub, Rustchynsky assured players that the PS Plus Edition of the game would release the same day as the full version and that it's "hardly a demo," despite the fact that the free version will only offer 10 cars and one country with access to five tracks with 11 distinct variants. Because of the limited content, this also means that PS Plus Edition players will be unable to play through the entire single player campaign since it "doesn't include all of the cars and tracks that you'll need to complete Driveclub Tour."

Driveclub is due out on October 7, 2014 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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