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Drift Stage is the best racer from the 1980s made for PC and Mac

The 1980s have called: they want us to enjoy Drift Stage.

Teased today via YouTube, Drift Stage is a stylized drift racer from the two man team of Chase Pettit and DelkoDuck. The game will be published by Devolver Digital and is set for a release on PC and Mac. Pettit took to the teaser's YouTube comments to answer some fan questions.

He mentioned that a console release currently isn't in the works, but is something he'd like to see happen. He also ruled out open worlds, as they're a lot of work, but said that we'd see more closed tracks than just the Sunset City seen in the trailer.

The best answer, though, is this one:

Drift Stage is the best racer from the 1980s made for PC and MAC

It's nice to know that he has a sense of humor.

We'll be keeping a very close eye on Drift Stage, so stay tuned for plenty of coverage. That is, of course, if I can stop playing it the second I get my hands on a playable build.

Jake likes racing games. 

[Drift Stage]

Jake Valentine
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