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Drew Karpyshyn retires from writing for Mass Effect and SWTOR


Drew Karpyshyn announced today in his blog, that he is retiring from BioWare.  This once lead writer worked on games such as Mass Effect (1 & 2) and Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Both of these franchises are known for the excellent plots and storylines.  While I’m sure BioWare will be able to properly pass the torch to a new head writer for future projects such as these, part of the company’s essence will be lost with Drew’s retirement.     

He says that he is not burning all bridges and that he is still working on the next Star Wars: The Old Republic novel.  For Mr. Karpyshyn, it is simply time to move on and pursue projects that are not gaming related. He notes that that he has been privileged to work BioWare for the last twelve years and that the BioWare is one of the best companies to work for.  He is also proud of all his personal success on his projects during this time. 

While he realizes many people will be shocked and disappointed by this news he assures everyone that this will give him more time to work on his novels:

Even if you are someone who is going to miss my contributions to the video game world, I hope you’ll be somewhat mollified by the fact that I’m going to have more time for novels, screenplays and other projects. (Like finally finishing Children of Fire, the first novel in my original fantasy series, which I’ve been perpetually working on for almost a decade.)

So we have those to look forward to at least.  I do like the sound of him writing his own personal fantasy series, I can’t imagine it being a bad read - once it comes out.  He says that he’s convinced that BioWare will bounce back without him and I have faith that they will do so.  For now he can finally get back to his own personal projects; personal projects… and golf.

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