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Dreamlords MMORTS Begins 2nd Era at Aeria Games, Gives Away Prizes

October 20, 2008

Dreamlords MMORTS Begins 2nd Era at Aeria Games, Gives Away Prizes

The massively multiplayer real-time strategy game (MMORTS), Dreamlords: The Reawakening will conclude its first era - a cycle of the game that lasts approximately eight weeks. Aeria Games anticipates the new era to mix new and veteran players. All players will be eligible to win one of several prizes for hitting milestones in the game.

During its normal weekly maintenance, the game service will be suspended while the new era is reset. When maintenance concludes, existing players will have the option to select a new character race to control, and the playing field is leveled.

Players will have the opportunity to win a Luminglass - a disk of glass that transforms electricity into a marvelous illuminated display. The futuristic desktop decoration was seen in Star Trek: First Contact. The design it emits bears a resemblance to the Dreamlords logo. Players may qualify for five different prize raffles by accomplishing goals in the game.

Up to date contest information and pictures of the prizes are available at the Aeria Games Web site at

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