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DreamCatcher Games Announce Seven Kingdoms: Conquest Now Shipping to Retail

March 12, 2008

DreamCatcher Games Announce Seven Kingdoms: Conquest Now Shipping to Retail

DreamCatcher Games today announced its RTS Game Seven Kingdoms: Conquest for Windows has shipped to retail stores.

Prepare yourself for this third installment of the classic Seven Kingdoms franchise, a series known for innovative gameplay, distinguishing it from competing RTS titles. Delivering all the standout features of the previous games, Seven Kingdoms: Conquest adds new features and new strategies in 3D format. “Seven Kingdoms is well known to RTS players across the board,” Brian Gladman, Senior Product Manager at DreamCatcher Games said. “The previous two titles have received terrific scores from top gaming publications and positive player feedback, we expect nothing less from Conquest.”

Game Features:

  • 7 Human civilizations to choose from, each one containing 3 different nations
  • 7 Demon races to choose from, each with unique units and buildings
  • A Campaign spanning 4,000 years, playable as either Humans or Demons
  • A full Skirmish mode, where players can set up battles between various combinations of Humans and Demons
  • Many different unit special abilities, including the features unique to previous Seven Kingdom games such as Diplomacy and Espionage
  • Automated resource gathering with unique resources for Humans and Demons
  • A troop promotion system where individual warriors can eventually rise to be kings and demon lords
  • Elemental forces that can be unleashed upon the world by demons and Magic that can be used by all sides
  • Multiplayer support for up to 8 players via Internet and LAN
  • Cutting-edge 3D engine and full orchestral-quality soundtrack

Seven Kingdoms: Conquest is developed by Enlight Studios and will sell for an SRP of $39.99USD. The ESRB Rating is T for Teen. For further information please visit the game's website at

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