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Dream of Mirror Online Brings Reality Television to the Virtual World

November 14, 2008

Dream of Mirror Online Brings Reality Television to the Virtual World

As bright and colorful leaves sway elegantly to the ground, Thanksgiving approaches. What a better time to spend it with those you hold dearly. Come join Dream of Mirror Online (DoMO) in its "Game Show" spectacular, "How Well Do You Know Your Lover/Best Friend?"

Give thanks to all those close to you by sharing your infinite knowledge about them. Compete against other couples or teams with your own rapid fire answers while having plenty of fun in the friendly DoMO Fall atmosphere. Come prepared as we won't hesitate to shoot even the weirdest questions at you.

Join us on Nov. 15th at the Darkdale Practice Grounds in celebration of the 2008 coming of Thanksgiving as we anxiously find out just who knows the most about their partner! This is one Game Show you don't want to miss. With no commercials at all, it runs from 2 P.M. PDT and 7 P.M. PDT.

Don't worry, everyone receives a prize. With every question answered right 2k will be awarded.

Come one, come all, participants or even spectators as we hand out an ULTIMATE prize to the winners, and fun-filled prizes to those who gave it their all!

For more information on DoMO, please visit

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