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Dragon Quest X Launching on Wii and Wii U


This past Friday we reported that Square Enix would be airing a special presser to unveil a new Dragon Quest game. Those of you who guessed it would be the big Dragon Quest X reveal can pat yourselves on the back, because you were right. The publisher made the major announcement last night, but it wasn't just some little reveal. No, Square Enix pulled out all the stops and dished out oodles of information on the upcoming game, which is slated for launch on the Wii and Wii U.

The first thing worth noting about Dragon Quest X is that it will be an online RPG. Though gamers will be able to play through the first few hours offline, Square Enix confirmed that a constant internet connection is required to "play all elements of the game." Additionally, producer Yousuke Saito and series creator Yuji Horii stated that the online component would be easy to grasp as the menu system will remain faithful to past entries in the series. Some gamers may question the move to make the game strictly online given the Wii's lackluster online service, but after playing Monster Hunter Tri, I'm certain Nintendo and Square Enix can deliver a solid online experience. Also, remember that the game will land on the Wii U, which is supposed to support a much more traditional online component.

Speaking of internet functionality, it's possible that Dragon Quest X will include usage fees for online gaming. This may put off a number of gamers, but nothing is set in stone yet, so don't start writing those angry emails just yet. Going back to Monster Hunter Tri, Japan was charged usage fees for that game's online functionality, but when it landed in North America, we got the privilege of enjoying that game's online modes absolutely free of charge.

But what about the Wii U version of Dragon Quest X? Well, first and foremost, it will feature advanced HD graphics, so expect it to look a lot better than the Wii iteration. Additionally, both versions will be cross-compatible, so Wii gamers and Wii U owners will get to play together, which is really cool. There will also be some 3DS functionality integrated into the game, though this will likely only include customizable characters and other similar features that could support the 3DS Streetpass function.

Dragon Quest X will arrive for the Wii sometime in 2012, and the Wii U version is expected to hit the scene shortly after. Be sure to check out the reveal trailer and get stoked for some Dragon Quest X.

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