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Dragon Quest Anniversary Goodies Revealed


We recently announced that Square Enix will celebrate 25 years of Dragon Quest with a special compilation on the Wii. The disc collects the first three games in both 8-bit and 16-bit variations. Unlike the re-released Super Mario All-Stars, Dragon Quest Collection actually seems worth getting since the games haven't been released over and over again.

Let's hope Dragon Quest Collection comes to North America, but Square Enix has revealed more goodies. So far, three special retail items have been announced. The first is the Happy Birthday Slime Sofbee (pictured above), which looks both adorable and squeezable. A full size recreation of the Erdick helmet will also be marketed, and I'd like to think that this piece of merchandise is way cooler than that Halo helmet from a while back. Lastly, a replica of the Erdick symbol will also be made available by Japanese retailers.

No word on whether any of this merch is coming to North America. If not, I can already see a bunch of Dragon Quest loyalists importing this swag over. Square Enix is likely to make more announcements within the coming weeks, so Dragon Quest fanatics should definitely watch out for news from the publisher.

If I had to choose, I'd much rather have Dragon Quest Collection launch in North America than any of these awesome items. I really want all of these things to be marketed outside of Japan. Dragon Quest is a major RPG franchise, and it deserves to be celebrated after 25 years. At the very least, I would like that soft and squishy Slime toy to come bundled with Dragon Quest Collection if the rest of the memorabilia isn't going to be released outside of Japan.

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