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Dragon Oath: 2nd Pre-CB Key Giveaway with New Additions!

July 22, 2009

Dragon Oath: 2nd Pre-CB Key Giveaway with New Additions!

After launching Pre-Closed Beta of Dragon Oath on July 9th, we have received unbelievable expectations and interests from many MMORPG players! Therefore, Dragon Oath Team officially announces that there will be a grand the 2nd official Dragon Oath Pre-CB Key Giveaway starting from July 28th through our official partners!

The total quantity of keys cannot be announced at this moment, therefore please keep a close attention on the official website of Dragon Oath for the further announcement!

In addition, along with the 2nd Pre-CB Key Giveaway, there will be a large change in Dragon Oath; therefore Dragon Oath Team hereby announces new additions that will be available for all Pre-CB participants starting from July 28th!

  • There will be 12 “Great Events for All” starting from July 27th! All prizes will be carried onto Closed Beta phase!

  • All players above level 10 will be able to whisper without any limitation.

  • Players will have to simply answer one question when they encounter with the 1st Q&A at Dragon Chien in Da Li.

  • There are many changed the description of several titles, quests and scenes.

  • "Get the reward" option has been added to the list of Tender Gong in Da Li for players’ convenience to receive their rewards.

  • The server selection and launcher interface have been upgraded.

  • There are modifications on some questions of the Funny Quizzes and the 1st Q&A.

  • Spacing will not be available in naming pest, stalls, characters, guilds, alliances, guild cities, player shops and customized guild titles.

If you wish to learn more about Dragon Oath, please visit the official website: 

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