Dragon Age II Signature Edition Giveaway

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We are proud to be giving away two copies of Dragon Age II Signature Edition for any platform. To win a copy is rather simple: Post a comment below stating what your favorite memory of Dragon Age: Origins was and why. Winners will randomly be selected Monday, January 10 and will receive their prizes after release on March 8 from BioWare directly. For gamers who aren't lucky to win a copy of Dragon Age II from us, they will want to pre-order as soon as possible since they are capable of a free upgrade to the Signature Edition up until January 11. The Signature Edition includes more than $20 of additional content including the new DLC pack, The Exiled Prince, digital soundtrack, and exclusive in-game digital armory for in-game weapons. Only available for a limited time, the Signature Edition is certainly worth the free upgrade; especially since The Exile Prince will retail on digital services for $7.

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