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Dragon's Lair headed to XBLA

It's finally happening, people. Dragon's Lair is finally making its way to Xbox Live Arcade. Wait, why isn't everyone stoked about this? Hmm ...

I guess Dragon's Lair is kind of a questionable series. Well, regardless of that fact, the game is headed to the Xbox 360's download platform, and it's going to support Kinect functionality. That means you'll be able to take Dirk the Daring straight into his own death using your actual body.

Don't worry, though, because Dragon's Lair will also support traditional controller commands. So if you don't have a Kinect (or you hate motion controls), you'll be able to play the game old school-style. Unless, of course, you don't care about this game, which seems pretty logical, to be honest.

Dragon's Lair was known for being a really challenging game, and it's certain to retain that brutal charm. Also, here's a fun fact for you: the Xbox 360 has the distinction of being platform number 66 to now feature Dragon's Lair. Holy crap, that's a lot of Dirk the Daring.

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