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Dragon's Crown beats sales of Persona 4 Golden

Dragon's Crown

Vanillaware's controversially busty beat-em-up Dragon's Crown has sold 800,000 copies to date, according to publisher Atlus. That's more than Persona 4 Golden at 700,000 copies. Both these figures include PlayStation Store download as well as retail sales.

Dragon's Crown released for PlayStation 3 and Vita in July, or August in North America. Persona 4 Golden is a Vita exclusive that first launched in June 2012 (November for us).

The former game's sales are pretty impressive, but it's worth noting that Persona 4 Golden is both an enhancement of a PlayStation 2 role-playing game from 2008 — making it more of a fan purchase — and a handheld exclusive. Considering how poorly adopted Sony's Vita has been these past couple years, 700,000 is looking like the more impressive number.


Stephanie Carmichael Twitter: @wita
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