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Dragon's Crown also gets a PS3 and Vita release date


Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut wasn't the only PlayStation game to get a release date today. Atlus has revealed on the Sony blog that Dragon's Crown will be released for the PS3 and Vita on August 6. For those unfamiliar, Dragon's Crown is a 2D action beat-em-up -- exclusive to the PS3 and Vita -- that features four-person co-op play, six character classes, and upgradeable skills.

Atlus PR manager John Hardin explained the lengthy development time is due to the "painstaking detail that makes every character, background or combat animation worthy of the artistic vision of Vanillaware."

Currently, the team is working to ensure that PS3/Vita cross-save is functional. "So while Vita adventurers can’t party up with PlayStation dungeoneers, it doesn’t mean they have to stop leveling and looting if they have to leave the living room," he said. However, it's important to note that online play is specific to the platform, meaning Vita players can only play with other Vita owners (ad hoc or online) and vice versa. 

Despite the cross-save feature, Dragon's Crown will not be offered as part of Sony's cross-buy promotion. Harden ensured us, however, that the game plays "better than a $15-20 game." Take that for what it's worth.

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