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Dragon Quest 11 to be offline game 'for home consoles'

New details emerge on long awaited entry in classic JRPG series

In an interview with FFRing (via NeoGAF) discussing details on the newest Dragon Quest Heroes game, series creator, Yuji Horii dropped a few enticing tidbits about the next official entry in the series, Dragon Quest 11.  While the game's development is in its infancy, Horii did say the following:

I don't have much to tell now, but we're making many preparations. One thing is for certain, Dragon Quest 11 will be an offline game

When discussing combat, Horri remark that the game will "return to the roots of Dragon Quest."  This likely means a return to the in-depth classic turn-based combat that the series is known for.  As for the platform he says "Dragon Quest 11 is designed for home consoles."  

There is no clear indication on what those consoles will be but if history is any indication, the last two official entries that came stateside, Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest IX, were released for the Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS respectively, which potentially puts Nintendo and Sony platforms in play.

Dragon Quest 11 appears to be a long ways off, so expect details on the game to be sparse.   

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