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Dragon Quest 10 Wii U sales falter


Despite having sold quite well on the Wii, Dragon Quest 10 has proven to be quite the failure its first week on the Wii U. According to a translation of 4Gamer by NeoGAF, Square Enix's MMO endeavor only scraped up 33,302 sales.

Dragon Quest is definitely considered a highly successful franchise on Nintendo platforms, so the fact that it's selling so poorly during its first week may be indicative of the low Wii U user install base. It's also quite apparent that this title is no system seller, as most people would obviously rather play it on their Wii consoles, which pretty much everyone on the planet owns already.

The top-selling game in Japan that same week was Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, which turned out a nice 110,840 units on the 3DS. When you put things into perspective, it's hard to see people really adopting the Wii U for Dragon Quest 10. Looks like it's back to the drawing board.


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