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Dragon Bones Stay Behind in Skyrim


VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda Pete Hines revealed a pretty cool detail about what happens with the remains of dragons after you slay them in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

According to Pete, "dragon bones do stay behind." Now you will have the visual evidence to go along with the glorious stories told to your grandchildren of how you slayed the mighty dragon.  Of course, if you down enough dragons, it could get fairly messy with dragon bones being littered all across Skyrim.

In addition to the dragon souls that are obtained from killing a dragon, adventurers will also be able to loot the remains of dragons, though the specifics of what you can loot weren't revealed.  I could see it being dragon scales, or meat.  When asked by a fan via Twitter if you could loot a dragon corpse, Pete Hines confirmed, "Yes you can."

Fans main reason for slaying dragons in Skyrim is to obtain these dragon souls, which players can use to learn one of the words of power in Dragon Shouts.  It is estimated that a player will have to kill at least 72 dragons to perform every shout (based off of 24 shouts with three words each.  This number could change if multiple shouts use the same word).  That's a lot of dragon bones lying around Skyrim.  I wonder if you can burn the bones if you don't want them cluttering your world.

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