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Dragon Ball Z Kinect will make your Xbox 360 go Super Saiyan


During the Global Gamer's Day that Namco Bandai is hosting in Las Vegas today, we were able to get a preview and sneak peek at some of their upcoming games.

Me being a huge Dragon Ball Z fan, I for one am excited for Dragon Ball Z Kinect. The game will feature standard punching and kicking, as well as doing the same gestures you're familiar with from the show, such as all too famous Kamehameha wave, and even powering up to being a Super Saiyan.

It will also feature over 50 characters that span the Dragon Ball Z universe, but additionally the game will support QR codes that gamers can scan in, and obtain new fighters that way. At this time, it is confirmed that there will be 20 QR codes for DBZ Kinect.

It is not however clear how gamers will obtain QR codes, whether they will be from action figures, trading cards, etc., but know that Namco Bandai is sure to have some smart marketing plan behind this.

Dragon Ball Z Kinect is scheduled to release October 2012.

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