Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Series E3 Demo Part 2 brings even more tasty tidbits of storytelling

In this part 2 video of Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 Demo, creative director Mike Laidlaw walks views through Redcliffe castle. Not only do these demos show off the beauty of the third game in the series, but are also used to explain how the title will use BioWare’s patient storytelling abilities.

Who you take in the dungeon will decide what story you hear. Through the character’s conversation with one another, you’ll hear their part of the story, their questions, and their concerns. Since coming to Redcliffe character was your decision, when a member gets tortured it’s going to lessen the way she views you; no one like the be tortured. Since a mage is brought into a mage tower where his trainer was, more options are opened up. Basically, story is going to be a huge focus.

Even though you’re in charge, who you have with you and how they’re feeling at key moments will decide how they respond and react to your decisions. This is shown, I’d say, pretty clearly in the video. I can’t wrap my head fully around the greater story arch here, but man does it look pretty intense. Watch the video above and enjoy the s@#$ out of it.

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