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Dragon Age Director Already Has Plans for the Next Two Games

Bring it on then, Bioware!

Dragon Age Director Already Has Plans for the Next Two Games

Dragon Age stands on a pillar next to games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They're all deeply immersive fantasy games with a large narrative, be it personal or larger scale. Another similarity between them all is the amount of time they take to be developed. Dragon Age: Inquisition came out in 2014, and it seems time for another entry in the series. Mike Laidlaw of Bioware has opened up on the subject.

While there is no real work being done on a Dragon Age game currently, games of its size and scope are typically planned behind closed doors for years before anything comes to fruition. Laidlaw, creative director of the Dragon Age series has confirmed a scattered, rough plan for the next two Dragon age titles. We've known that the next game will tackle some uncharted stories that will still feel somewhat familiar, but Laidlaw told fans on Twitter that there is no planned ending to the series.

This hazy roadmap Laidlaw seems to have doesn't set anything into stone. He emphasized that preliminary plans for anything is always subject to change. Beyond the obvious difference of Mass Effect being sci-fi and Dragon Age being fantasy, it should also be noted that Mass Effect was planned as a trilogy originally. Even with the coming of Andromeda, it's obviously a new story after the original one had been told. Dragon Age is much looser in its connectivity between titles, telling separate stories in a shared universe instead of an epic three-parter.

So what's in store for Dragon Age next? According to Mike Laidlaw: Anything. But something specific is already in mind.

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