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Dragon Age 3: Inquisition boasts more customization and 40 endings


In all honesty, two things I love about RPGs are detailed customization for my characters and multiple endings. I like to see the character I designed from scratch either be rewarded for being a goodie-two-shoes or feared as evil incarnate. I have good news for you Dragon Age fans; Inquisition will share both these aspects.

Form the Official Xbox Magazine preview of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, they have said that we are going four voice actors for the main character – 2 male and 2 female. These voices will be the same across all races though. BioWare MAY change the pitch though slightly depending the race for higher pitch/deeper voices. Other customization will include armor weights no longer affecting classes. If a rogue wants to war mage robes, he/she is allowed to do so now.

Most interesting to me though, is the huge amount of endings. BioWare is boasting 40 endings. 40! Have there ever even been that many endings in a game before? I get that this is the end to a trilogy where decisions have mattered the whole way… but we saw how that effected the Mass Effect Trilogy. I’m going to go ahead and assume BioWare has learned its lesson; especially since Xbox Magazine mentions:

"BioWare is promising a staggering 40 possible endings for the game, dependent not only on choices made in character generation but by actions taken throughout the storyline. [Mark] Darrah stresses, however, that the endings will all be meaningfully different from one another. You won't find 40 endings with only slight degrees of variation between them."

Yes that, give me that. PLEASE give me that. This has restored a huge amount of faith into me for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The fact that they are saying that all 40 endings have “meaningful differences” is quite promising. Do check out the rest of what the preview had to say HERE. Enjoy.   

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