Download Perfect World’s Arena of Heroes on iPad and receive a free Moleten Ivan skin

Arena of Heroes Screenshot - 1157578

All of you iPad junkies, a brand new free-to-play game has fallen into your arsenal. Arena of Heroes is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game brought to you by Perfect World. Here’s the boon if you’re on the fence, if you are one of the first fifty thousand player accounts made you will receive a free Moleten Ivan skin. Bro, that’s a $9.99 value. All you have to do is download the game, make an account, and get past the tutorial and BOOM – free skin.

Don’t have an iPad? Sure you’re not going to get down on this specific promotion, but I still have good news for you. Arena of Heroes will come out on other platforms and will be cross platform. All you have to do now is be patient – which I know, can be quite difficult at times. You can expect this game to be out on MAC, iPhone, and Android in the future; dates unknown. 

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