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Dota 2 will be free-to-play with 'some twists'


Upcoming MOBA game Gota 2 will be free-to-play, but with "some twists", according to Valve boss Gabe Newell.

"It's going to be free-to-play - it'll have some twists, but that's the easiest way for people to think about it," Newell said.

Speaking to Seven Day Cooldown, Newell explained that Valve is attempting to create a unique system that will reward "valuable" players, while punishing the "jerks" that ruin the game for everybody.

"The issue that we're struggling with quite a bit is something I've kind of talked about before, which is how do you properly value people's contributions to a community?"

If you've ever played a MOBA game, like League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth for instance, then you know what Newell is talking about.  Having success in these types of games often depends on your team strategy and cooperation.  One bad egg can ruin the game for everybody.  Oftentimes, the problem people run into with completely free-to-play games is that you get players who don't really care if they "feed" (intentionally let themselves die to the enemy team) because they haven't invested any money into the game. 

"We're trying to figure out ways so that people who are more valuable to everybody else [are] recognized and accommodated," Newell explained. "We all know people where if they're playing we want to play, and there are other people where if they're playing we would [rather] be on the other side of the planet."

What Newell suggests is a system that embraces those who who are "valuable to other groups of people."  This could include those who help train up novices or act as guides.

"It's just a question of coming up with mechanisms that recognize and reward people who are doing things that are valuable to other groups of people," Newell concluded.

It's an interesting concept, and one we've heard Newell talk about before.  Back in May 2011, Newell echoed something similar when he argued that "jerks" who ruin the game experience for other players should be charged more for a title.  I guess it's all about defining what a "jerk" is.

Is it someone who may not be as skilled?  I know in games like League of Legends, in elo matches, if a player dies a few times early on he is immediately attacked by the team and threatened with reports - even if it's not intentional.  Where do you draw the line?

Of course, Riot Games also introduced a Tribunal System that allows the LoL community to vote on whether a player is a "jerk" or not.  Maybe Dota 2 should have something similar?

[Seven Day Cooldown]

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