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Dota 2 Update Introduces Bloodseeker, Kunkka, and Practice Bots


In addition to Bloodseeker and Kunkka entering the Dota 2 arena, yesterday's update introduced several new features.

Valve enabled practice bots, and while they're still a work in progress, they're a great "low-pressure tool for trying out new heroes and item builds." While League of Legends currently has practice bots as well, Dota 2 takes it to another level, giving players the ability to control and direct the bots.

"You can ping the minimap to send commands to your allied bots – ping an enemy tower to tell them to push a lane, an enemy hero to ask for assistance in a gank, and so on."

Dota 2 bots take it a step further by indicating their plans to you via text chat.  Some of their abilities include:

  • Let you know when they’re coming to your lane for a gank.
  • Communicate when they’re fleeing or losing a fight.
  • Indicate their high priority targets in upcoming team fights.
  • Expose their thinking about whether they should push or defend their lanes.
  • Call for assistance versus Roshan if they think the timing is right.

Valve isn't stopping there.  They also revealed a few features they will be adding to the bots next.  Future updates include:

  • User specified difficulty levels, so you can tune them to your skill level.
  • Deeper control over your allied bots, so you can “command” your team at a high level. For instance, you might want your team’s carry to not join a fight, and instead keep farming their lane. Note that they do a good job of making these kinds of decisions themselves, but if you really want to be hands-on, you can.
  • Support for several more heroes.


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