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DOTA 2 breaks concurrent gamers record because League of Legends isn't on Steam

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Valve's popular MOBA DOTA 2 broke the record for most concurrent gamers playing on Steam over the weekend. On Saturday, 328,713 people were playing DOTA 2 at the same time, breaking a record previously set by DOTA 2, as well. 

That's an insane number of players at once, but it might be padded a bit by players that were logging into DOTA 2 to watch the West Qualifier for The International 3 via the client. Still, color me impressed.

In April, a report with unnamed sources put DOTA 2 above League of Legends in the most-played game on PC. In response, Riot Games claimed that a single server for LoL had over 500,000 simultaneous players during its daily peak hours. That, too, is unverifiable, but believable. I think we can all agree that League of Legends would hold the Steam record over DOTA 2 if it was on Steam. 

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