DOOM returns to Xbox LIVE Arcade, available on Xbox 360 for 400MP

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The classic first-person shooter DOOM is back.  DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D, and Quake were my personal grandfathers of FPS games.  Each one of them has a place in my heart for introducing the genre to me.

Anyways!  Nostalgia aside, your chance to battle the armies of Hell is once again yours.  Those poor graphics and bloody face action can all be yours.  Is the coop available?  Yes – you and a buddy can relive your childhood FPS together.  Or, if your friend is a jerk, you can take him on in online deathmatches.  There are leaderboards to track your progress.

Cacodemons and other demonic creatures can face you for only 400 Microsoft Points.  DOOM is currently available for download on Xbox LIVE.  Get it today, I promise the Rock isn’t in it.

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