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Doom for Nintendo Switch compared to Sony's PlayStation 4

Pretty dang impressive ...

Switch Doom

Nintendo dropped a bombshell yesterday during their Direct briefing when they announced that DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 would be coming to the Switch. Unlike Skyrim, which is over 5 years old, DOOM was released just last year and Wolfenstein will be out next year. This is to say that the Switch will be getting two, high-profiled, graphically demanding first-person shooters within the next year.

Thanks to the Twitter user PixelPar, we now have side-by-side shots of DOOM running on PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. Now before you jump to the comments to trash the Switch version, let's remember, this is a portable hybrid console. It's a fraction of the size of the PS4 and was never touted to be more powerful than it. That being said ...

Doom Comp 1

Doom Comp 2

Doom Comp 3

Doom Comp 4

Aside from the blacks being darker and colors being more vibrant on the PS4, the version on Switch looks really impressive when you think about the fact it's running on a modified Tegra mobile processor from nVidia.

Actually, it's astounding.

I don't know if Nintendo should be given props here or if Bethesda is responsible, but either way, this is very impressive work and if the framerate stays at 60fps, either at 720p or 1080p, then what else can you really ask for when it comes to mobile gaming? Sure, the PS4 or even Xbox One will be the better version(s) overall, but when you see the game looks this comparable on a TV, the game changes when you can say "I can pick up my Switch and take this game on the go." 

Now, show me Wolfenstein 2! If it even resembles the quality I see here, I know what version I'm buying.

DOOM is due out this holiday season for the Switch, while Wolfenstein 2 is due out next year.

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