Doom 4 screenshots, artwork leaked onto web

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Is it cancelled, is it not? That seems to be the vocal question behind Bethesda's Doom 4 project. Interestingly enough, a vast number of screenshots and artwork have recently leaked onto the web, and are alleged to be from id Software’s upcoming shooter, Doom 4. 

According to earlier reports, the images surfaced from environment artist Thao Le's online portfolio, which has since been taken down. The folder contained over 170 images, ranging from character models to environments, which were rumored to be coded with Doom inscriptions. 

id Software and Bethesda have yet to comment on the screens, but both companies have assured the public that the project is vital to them, and that they'll unveil any Doom 4 news when they're comfortable with its progress. 

Source: [GameInformer]

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