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Doom 4 leaked images have 'nothing to do' with what you'll see


Responding to the recent Doom 4 leaked game art, id Software's creative director Matthew Hooper hasn't necessarily denied they are from the game, but suggested they do no represent the current form of the game.

"Those images have nothing to do with what you're going to see in Doom 4," he said on Twitter in response to fans.  "When we officially show things, you'll see awesome."

Fans immediately jumped on the leaked images complaining they too closely resembled RAGE or Fallout with a war-torn, post-apocalyptic cityscape, and didn't depict enough "hell".

"When we officially show things, fans will be happy," Hooper reassured fans.

Back in April, Hooper told Eurogamer emphasized, "It would be dangerous - we don't want to make a re-skinned Doom [with Rage] and then Doom 4 be a re-skinned Rage. That would be bad."

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