DongRaeGu wins MLG Starcraft 2 Spring Arena

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A weekend of titanic battles concluded in the Starcraft 2 Spring Arene yesterday in dramatic fashion, with longtime rivals DongRaeGu and MarineKingPrime facing off. MarineKing and DRG faced off twice in the past two MLG events (Winter Arena and the Winter Championships) and DRG was forced to take the silver both times. Not now, however, as the Zerg DRG came back with a vengeance, finally defeating his rival MarineKingPrime.

As you can see from the standings below, Korean dominance was once again assured, as the only foreign presence, Evil Genius' HuK took home the bottom ranking. Poor HuK.

Here are the final results. The Top 4 players will go straight to Spring Arena 2. The Bottom 4 will go into the Invite-Only Online Qualifiers, to play for a spot in Arena 2.

Top 4

1st Place:             MvPDongRaeGu: $5,000

2nd Place:            MarineKingPrime: $3,000

3rd/4th Place:     coLHeart: $1,450

3rd/4th Place:     coLGanzi: $1,450

Bottom 4

5th Place:            SK_MC 

6th Place:            Empire_Violet

7th Place:           ST_Parting

8th Place:           EGHuk

Source: MLG

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