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Don't Starve devs promise 6 months of post-launch content

Don't Starve is my latest obsession. Klei Entertainment, the folks behind games like Mark of the Ninja and Shank, have developed a survival sim that's not only gorgeous to look at, but addicting to play.

Stepping into the shoes of the crazy-haird Wilson, your task is to survive in a randomly generated wilderness, using only your wits, science and a little bit of magic. It starts off fairly easy, but the game opens up fairly quickly and you'll be whipping up various tools, clothes, items, food, shelter and more. Plus one for science!

While the game has officially launched, Klei was sure to emphasize that the game still isn't ready to be called complete yet. What this means is that anyone who purchases the game now on Steam (currently with a 10% discount), will get to play through it while new content is being added to it for a period of six months, very similar to how Minecraft worked when it was in its beta stage.

We'll be posting our official review soon. Hint: We love the game.

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