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Don't skip school or work for GTA Online today

Grand Theft Auto 5

Thinking about skipping school or calling in sick for the launch of GTA Online today? Might want to hold off on that. As Rockstar warned, GTAO is having massive server issues that will keep you from being able to even launch it.

Even something as trivial as creating a character is made almost impossible thanks to the R* servers constantly being down. If you do manage to make a character, then you have to play the server game again and hope that you can actually connect online.

I've spent over an hour seeing my character in the city, but the screen was constantly blurred out, as if I had the game paused. When I did eventually manage to get in and actually move around the city, my mini-map wasn't showing up and starting a mission instantly froze the game.

What I'm trying to say is, if you've been prepping yourself to stay home today and enjoy the heck out of GTA Online, you might want to postpone your 'illness.' Wait until R* irons out the kinks and gets their servers stabilized, then go ahead and take a day off. Hell, call in with a case of Mono and keep on playing.

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