Don't Miss the The International 2 DOTA 2 Finals

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League of Legends isn't the only MOBA getting their tournament finals on this weekend in Seattle. Across town, Valve's "The International" DOTA 2 tournament  is down to its final stages with 16 of the best teams in the world squaring off for dominance and a $1 Million dollar first place prize. The teams have been squaring off in their early rounds earlier in the week, but the double elimination final brackets are in full swing now.

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You can watch in two ways: either live via and or, and I think this is the most interesting thing Valve has done thus far with DOTA2, via the free spectator client that you can get through Steam. So, even if you miss all the action, you can tune into the replay where it will save every camera movement the commentator makes, and all of the commentary, right in client. Never again will you have to scour YouTube to find the best plays of the tournament, as they will all be right there! This is a pretty huge advantage that Valve has over Riot in their client, as the match commentary is one of the more exciting parts of spectating a match.

So tell us GameZone faithful - what MOBA are you watching this weekend?

Dustin Steiner is GameZone's eSports Correspondent! Follow him on Twitter @VGHC_Deitis and check out Video Gaming Hard Corps, where he is a local tournament organizer for the S. FL. Fighting Game Community.

Dustin Steiner I'm GameZone's eSports Correspondent and resident fighting game guru. I'm also Event Coordinator for Video Gaming Hard Corps, where we host online and local tournaments in addition to have general fellowship among gamers. Check us out!
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