Don't miss the Finals of the StarCraft II OGN StarLeague: MVP.DongRaeGu vs SKT.Rain

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The finals of the first OGN StarLeague (or OSL) are finally upon us. After weeks of Korea's finest going toe to toe, we've come down to a grudge match of a Korean eSports Association player against a player from the eSports Federation - a grand tale of old school vs new school in Korean eSports. On the KeSPA side, we have SKT's Rain, a Protoss player that has shown very dominant performances as of late, making it to the Round of 4 in Season 4 of the Global StarCraft II League, despite only just having switched over to the game from Brood War recently.

And on the eSF side, MVP's DongRaeGu, a player that needs no introduction to foreign audiences as he's been a very successful Major League Gaming player since his debut here last year, in addition to the GSL title he has under his belt. It's sure to be a match for the record books - you can check it out at 2AM PDT (that's 5 EST) via the stream I'll be embedding below!

Watch live video from ogn_star2 on

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