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Don't expect changes to these Battlefield 4 items just yet


Earlier this week, DICE revealed a number of weapon balance changes for Battlefield 4, most based on player feedback. But for all the changes being made, there's a number of player-requests that remain unchanged; however, they aren't going unanswered. Looking to address the various items that players have brought to DICE's attention, the developer today posted a list of items that they consider "working as designed," but still monitoring. As such, DICE reiterated that they are still "open to suggestions and comments."

So what items is DICE paying particular attention to?

  • Players have suggested that the TV missiles be allowed to 1 hit kill enemy aircraft. DICE doesn't find its current damage level to be imbalanced.
  • Players have also suggested that Sniper Rifle and 12G SLUG rounds be allowed to penetrate body armor at close range. DICE says "the purpose of body armor is to specifically counter these kinds of threats."
  • Players have suggested the GALIL ACE 23 is over powered. This item is outperformed at close range, long range, and has competitors at medium range. DICE seens no need for a change.
  • Players have been asking why Below Radar has been removed. This was never a part of the original design for BF4's locking mechanics. DICE says "the frustration of being unable to lock on to a target does not offest the added danger to helicopters."
  • Players request Long Range scopes for DMRs. DICE has no intention of adding these; in fact, DICE specifically removed these scopes as they found any class being abel to effectively snipe was "detrimental" to the pace and gameplay.
  • Players ask that the reload for Aircraft counter measures be increased. DICE admits its a "tricky balance," but they are happy with the reload times and amounts of counter measures carried by aircraft.
  • Players want the range of the MAA cannons to be shorter as it is too powerful against eh AC130 and other ground vehicles. DICE feels that the balance is currently "appropriate."
  • Players find vehicle driving to be difficult after ground destruction. DICE is happy that this dynamic aspect has a direct impact on gameplay and doesn't think it needs tweaking.
  • Players want the G36C Carbine's rate of fire increased. DICE understands fan frustration when their favorite weapon is changed, but has no intention of changing it. "BF4 is its own game, with its own balance."
  • Players want an increase in speed and maneuverability for the Attack helicopter. DICE has made tweaks to the primary threats for Attack Helicopters and they are waiting to see how these changes affect the battlefield first.

A new game update for Battlefield 4 was released this week. You can find the list of changes for each platform over on Battlelog.

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