Don't be alarmed by The Last of Us: Remastered's 30fps-lock feature on PS4

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The Last of Us: Remastered will run at 60 frames per second on PlayStation 4. However, users will have the option to lock the frame-rate at 30 frames per second. Don't be alarmed, as this has nothing to do with the 60fps fluctuating. On the contrary, Evan Wells, Naughty Dog co-president, says it's more about offering an experience "as closed to the original" PS3 version as possible.

In addition to 60 frames per second, The Last of Us: Remastered will also run at 1080p and include a photo-sharing mode similar to the one offered in inFamous: Second Son. Wells shared a brief glimpse of it in the background of a teaser photo. The Last of Us Remastered will also offer a slew of other upgrades including higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, upgraded textures, and more. It will also bundle the Abandoned Territories multiplayer map pack, the single player expansion, Left Behind, and the most recent Reclaimed Territories map pack.

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