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Don't be a fool, wrap your... PS4

PS4 Slickwraps

SlickLabs, the creators of Slickwraps, low-profile, composite vinyls designed to protect and stylize electronic devices, has revealed a new line of coverings for the newly released PlayStation 4 console. 

Those of you not a fan of the traditional black color the PS4 comes in are now able to personalize your console with one of the many skins the online retailer is offering. Aside from offering a unique look, the carbon fiber wraps add texture and durability. Best of all, all skins are premium reposition-able adhesive that's easy to remove -- so if you get bored of it or simply change your mind, there's no risk of damaging your console.

Slickwraps has quite a selection to choose from including various colors or even faux wood, depending on the look you want. Each purchase, for $39.95 comes with a full body PS4 wrap and a matching DualShock 4 controller wrap.

I've yet to actually use the product, but if we get one in I'll be sure to let you know our thoughts.


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