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Dollar Dash exclusive: winning tactics and customizing characters

When I was at E3 this year, I think I spent most of my time at Kalypso's booth, where I was able to play Candygun's Dollar Dash. If you haven't heard of Dollar Dash, it's a top-down four-player game where you attack, defend and outrun the other players in an attempt to grab cash around a map and get it to a getaway vehicle. It sounds simple, and it is, but it's also a ton of fun and has strategy to it. It's really addicting and should be on everyone's radar once a release date is announced.

We were lucky enough to get exclusive blog about winning tactics and character customization from Candygun's Art Director Andreas Hackel.

dollar dash multiplayer lobby

Winning tactics

Dollar Dash has given the Candygun office a lot of competitive nights of play. There are several strategies to claim victory, but Dollar Dash’s Game Designer Jens has secret tactics that often guarantees victory -- even the bot we named Jens often finds miraculous ways to wins. Today, we want to share how Jens often tends to find his way to the top of the winner’s podium:

  • The Sneaky Lust: Takes detours and avoid confronting other players directly to take his collected money to the getaway car secretly and silently.
  • The Sloth:  Lurks, waiting in front of the getaway car just to rob your money when you arrive, instead of collecting money himself.
  • The Envy: Collects money, but not a full bag! This way he can still move quickly enough to allow himself to steal money from other players on the way to the getaway car.
  • The Greed: Makes his way to the getaway car with a full bag, again and again hoping that this time he will get through the chaos without being hurt.
  • The Wrath: Doesn’t care about money! His goal is to prevent others from dropping money into the getaway car either in an act of revenge or because a player is close to winning.
  • The Pride:  Follows the false belief that his skills are untouchable! As a result he follows others at some distance, hoping they run out of ammo. At this point he strides past the dazed and helpless “n00b” robbers to bank his easily gained money.
  • The Gluttony: Similar to The Wrath, but really enjoys holding onto his cash, until his bag is full (of course).

Customizing characters

Customizing the thieves in Dollar Dash is a great way to create an individual character from the money players have earned throughout the course of their matches.

dollar dash

There are many options for players: hats, headdress, winning dances, taunts and player icons. Additionally, players can even boost their characters gameplay abilities by buying perks and upgrading their weapons. All these customization items can be bought in the in-game shop, which is also the place to preview new acquisitions. Before every game, players can also change your outfit in the multiplayer lobby so there are never two thieves that look the same.

The more matches the players play, the more customization items will be unlocked.

Thanks for the exclusive tips, and stay tuned for a release date.

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